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The competitive world of content marketing has seen rapid development in the last decade; especially with accompanying tools!

Research shows that up to 78% of companies have anywhere between 1 and 3 content specialists. So, it is understood that content has become a major part of digital marketing.

Therefore, to facilitate the growing number of content specialists worldwide, we need tools that can help them create, schedule, and implement their content marketing vision.

A prepared content specialist will have tools that will streamline processes’ of email marketing, post scheduling, proofreading, keyword strategy, and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, among a host of other things.

We’ve curated a list of content marketing tools that tick these boxes. Read on to see which one you need:

10 Tools That You Need

Reports allege that up to 88% of B2B marketers develop a marketing strategy around content marketing.

This shows that it’s not just customer-focused advertising that relies on a content strategy; it is also the B2B world that needs content marketing tools to execute their vision.

Here are our picks for ten content marketing tools that will allow you to be boringly responsible and wildly creative with your posts:


Hubspot allows its users to curate creative content and optimize all their marketing efforts. It is a great tool to help implement social media scheduling and mail automation systems.

Additionally, Hubspot also functions as a blog. The blog is very informative and is a recommendation for anyone who concerns themselves with content marketing.


Sticking to the theme of Email assistants, MailChimp is one of the oldest email automation services around.

It not only allows one to learn how to automate their entire mailing system, but it also incorporates Facebook and Instagram ads now.

Furthermore, there is a lot of opportunity for customization for the creative ones: allowing one to personalize and customize their email service.

To add to that, it offers tools for re-engagement with a mailing list, and it also helps test material through A/B Testing!


What is trending is gospel; social media trends change faster than a page can refresh!

BuzzSumo helps you jump on the bandwagon by offering an entire suite of social analytics insights and alerts based on what topics are trending globally.

It also functions as a creative space where people can share ideas for content. This will let you take inspiration from other influencers to help you create original content.

BuzzSumo will also help users keep an eye on their competition; making it the perfect tool to help you stay updated with the latest content trends.


Facebook is the most used social media platform around, this makes it an effective platform to execute marketing campaigns.

Your business needs to be relevant here because Facebook also functions as an enormous marketplace.

AdEspresso is the kind of tool that makes Facebook advertisements simple to implement by allowing for precise targeting and segmentation.

There are many variables to choose from when deciding your target market. This tool enables individuals to save their complex preferences while also letting them store media.


This is one of the most important tools for anyone involved in content marketing.

If you want a complete education on the core aspects of search engine marketing, and how to implement them, SEMRush is for you.

It allows users to generate a comprehensive analytics report while also helping them keep a keen eye on their competitor’s domain, ads and keyword usage.


Hootsuite can take accounts from up to 35 various social media platforms and put them on a singular dashboard.

It lets you manage posts in a way that no one else does; allowing for scheduling posts over multiple accounts and across a wide variety of social media platforms.

The use of Hootsuite does not only translate to saving time but also gives you the image of having a content marketing company that ticks like clockwork!


It may seem arbitrary to list MashShare as an effective tool because its focus is on likeability and aesthetic. People won’t click if they don’t like, simple!

MashShare has a variety of different share buttons for your platform. A share button should not be seen as an option but as a rather attractive opportunity for the visitor, which is what this tool allows you to do.

It lets users seamlessly share highlighted material and also has a ‘click-to-tweet’ button for easy Twitter sharing.


Grammarly is the ultimate writing companion. It will save you the embarrassment that comes with grammatical errors.

You could be writing social media posts, blog posts, emails or even a legal notice, Grammarly will make sure that your sentences make sense and abide by your choice of editorial style-guide.

A tool that will understand what context you are writing in, while also helping with paragraph structure and other common writing errors; Grammarly is an excellent companion for proofreading content before you post it!


This list has discussed tools that help you keep an eye on your competitor’s marketing strategy, but none are quite like this one.

Ahrefs allows you to pinpoint how to rank higher than your competitors.

You can track keywords, backlinks, and analyze your next post based on the success of the last one!

And most importantly, all the information presented to you is up-to-date and accurate.


This tool helps you shore-up your content marketing efforts from a sales perspective.

ClickFunnels is one of the simplest platforms to use, as it is made considering those that are new to content marketing.

Its main aim is to help provide you with a sales funnel that leads to a higher conversion rate.

Furthermore, it is a great tool for individuals working on developing a holistic sales and content strategy as it assists with targeting a specific audience.


The framework of content marketing evolves each day. Nearly 40% of marketers say content marketing is a very important part of their overall marketing strategy.

If you or your company take content marketing seriously, you may already be dependent on one if not all these tools. If you’re not, prepare to be left behind!

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