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In recent times, blogging has grown into a world of its own. They were thought to be simple, innocuous ways to document your thoughts online. Hence the common tongue-in-cheek term- “a mommy blog.”

But these days, the implications for blogging are immense. Even national governments and organizations such as the World Bank have started to maintain official blog handles to communicate with their audience.

Technorati has been tracking growth in the blogosphere. According to their stats, blogs have doubled every five months for the past consecutive three years. Everybody, from CEOs to politicians to journalists, has been active in the blogosphere nowadays.

If you’re a businessperson, the merits of blogging should not be lost on you. Here are a few good reasons to drive home the point on just how important blogging can be for your brand.

Blogs Bring Traffic To Your Site

Companies that frequently blog definitely see more traffic on their sites than those who don’t. According to a report, brands that post around 16 blog posts a month receive thrice the traffic than companies who post 3-4 blog posts.

To fetch the most traffic to your site, your blogs need to be relevant. You should feature content that people are looking for. No one has time these days for irrelevant content.

If you’re confused how exactly blogging drives traffic to your site, think of a blog post as an indexed page on your site. Search engines work by wading through relevant content, and relevant blog posts give you a chance to register in the search engine’s algorithm.

Blog posts help you stay relevant on search engines. They are a cue to search engines that your website is active, and they should keep you on their radar.

Blogs are also a great way to make yourself visible on social media. They can serve as great content to feature on your social media pages. Be sure to tweak your blog posts according to your audience’s demands.

A tried and tested way to become popular on social media is relatability. People happen to relate to blog posts quite easily. Blogs are highly personalized and can be tailored specifically for audiences. Here’s an example- parenting blogs are a great way to make a name in mommy forums such as Mumsnet.

Blogs Lend Credibility To Your Brand

A brand that stays in touch with its audience and provides them with regular content always comes across as more credible than a brand that just seeks to sell.

Blogging lets your audience know that you are more than just a vendor. They give you a chance to develop a relationship of sorts with your clients. By creating content that’s helpful for your customers and providing them with relevant information, you transition from being their vendor to their consultant.

The best business blogs seek to educate their customers. Your prospective clients may have many doubts and questions in their minds. If they find answers to their problems through your blog, they are much more likely to trust you with their business. You can take assistance from a blog writing agency to make your blog more in tune with your audience.

Customers that have read your blogs will enter the sales process with much more knowledge about your product and your place in the market. They will be better informed to make a choice in your favor.

The worst impression you can leave on your customers is coming across as unsure of your product. A blog post can serve as an aid for when your salesperson has doubts about your product. They can just refer the customer to the blogpost.

Blogs Can Bring You Long Term Business

What sets a blog post apart from a paid advertisement? Advertisements stay on the search engines and web for as long as you pay for them to broadcast. Blog posts, on the other hand, can stay on the internet for ages.

Let’s suppose you put up a blog post that gets you 100 views and 5 or 10 leads. You bag in a few more leads in the next few weeks, and then the hoopla dies down. Well, if you think your blog post has disappeared into obscurity, you’re wrong.

Your blog post will stay within the radar of search engines and will continue to get you views and leads. In fact, most of your sales will come from older blog posts. There’s actually even a term for such kind of posts- compounding posts.

Even if you don’t see immediate results from your blog posts,  blog posts will generate long-term traffic and leads for you. This is opposed to conventional advertising, where an advertisement will only bring you traffic for as long as it is on air.

Blogs Create Value For Your Customers

You know how high-fashion boutiques often serve complimentary drinks to their customers? Think of your blogs as a little freebie for your customers.

If you happen to be a real estate brand, an educational blog post for potential investors can be of great importance. You’re creating value for your potential customers by giving them free consultation before a deal. You want to create a better customer experience for them to increase their loyalty to your brand.

A fine example of this is Etsy- an e-commerce site for handcrafted items. What makes it so distinguishable and successful as a brand? Its blog posts that customers rely on for creative inspiration and tips.

Creating value out of your product is not something everyone can do. You must make the customer think that they absolutely need your product.

Make them feel that not buying your brand will make an impact on their life.  If you feel you aren’t one to toot your own horn, hire professional blog writers to do the job for you.

Blogs Can Help You In Advertising

Nowadays, people prefer advertisements to be subtle. The conventional “buy now” style of advertisements that is a remnant of catalogs and billboards doesn’t work for today’s market.

Potential customers need to feel that brands understand their demands or problems, and they have the capability to fix them.  Advertisements need to be more personalized and tailor-made for the customer.

Blog posts can serve that purpose excellently. They don’t demand customers to make a purchase. Blog posts address their queries and problems and guide them on how to address them. You can build on your brand in the blog post subtly and pose it as a solution to the customers’ woes.

As a side note, blog posts can be monetized through other ways as well. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by promoting other brand’s on your blog. So it’s a win-win situation either way.

Blogs Help You Generate Leads

Once you have the traffic coming to your website, blogs are an excellent opportunity to convert them into leads. Consider each blog post a way to generate a new lead. How does this work?

Well, each time a user visits your posts, you can serve them with a call to action meant to convert them into a lead. You can do this by offering them free trials and webinars in exchange for their information.

Generating leads is a very important part of the sales process. Blogs provide you the opportunity to generate multiple leads for your sales team by enticing visitors through freebie content.

Direct your customers through a call to action and lead them to landing pages. Make use of blog writing services for the right kind of content for your landing page.

Blogs Can Help You With Your Marketing Strategy

Blog posts are a great way to obtain valuable data on how your audience thinks. Gauging which blog posts garner good responses from visitors can help you decide which topic audiences respond to favorably. Audience participation can be gauged by comments, frequency of sharing, the number of likes, etc.

Market surveys can be a tedious process. Blogs can serve as a secondary way to assess audience reactions. Use your blogs to conduct polls and reviews. Ask your audience for their input on different products.

Blogs Help You Connect With Your Audience

Blogging allows you to get into the minds of your audience. Mainstream advertising is never personalized. Blogging is highly personal, almost reminiscent of writing a diary. They are ideal ways to form an emotional connection with your audience.

Successful brands always create deep personalized connections with their clients. Loyal customers will refer to their favorite brands as someone they can trust. As a brand, you should aim to form bonds with your blogs.

It is necessary to maintain a consistent quality of your content to maintain that connection with your clients. That is where an expert blog writer can help. They understand your audience and the tone of your content.

Blogs Help You Stay Relevant

Internet trends change by the week. The online world is very fickle. Most online brands have realized that their content needs to be fresh and in tune with the current trends.

Blogs allow you to bank on viral trends and topics in vogue. Content value is measured by how relatable it can be. The more en-vogue topics and meme-able material you can add to your blog, the more popular it can get. Linking your blog to related viral content will boost your visibility even more.


As they say in showbiz:

You’re only as good as your last hit.

Likewise, in today’s business environment, your success is gauged by your memorability. To do that, you must adopt blogging as a regular feature in your online content.

As an amateur, you might find it hard to get the hang of blogging. It’s not easy to get a knack for what the audience wants. In that case, head on over to Pro Content Club for the best solutions and advice for your blogging needs.

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