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Evergreen content never gets out-dated. This type of content is not based on specific variables such as trends, current affairs, and news.

According to your industry, evergreen content changes in definition but is similarly of high quality. The key tenet of an evergreen article is that it provides a solution to a problem that doesn’t change.

High-quality content drives traffic like none other; 81% of marketers consider producing high-value content as the most important content marketing strategy.

If you’re a business looking to increase their organic traffic, generate leads more efficiently, or ease the burden on your topical content-production line, you should educate yourself on the importance of evergreen content.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content means high-value content that is often descriptive and helpful.

As opposed to topical content, evergreen articles will rarely bring a large spike in traffic towards your website; it isn’t for that.

This content has a longer shelf-life than topical content. A topical article can discuss an event, movement, or promotion that is restricted by time and relevance.

These kind of trending pieces do not contribute to your traffic enough to make a difference, once irrelevant.

Example Of Topical Content:

On 23rd June 2016, The UK effectively left the European Union as a result of the referendum. The BBC made an article to announce this to the world, titled:

“Brexit: Europe stunned by UK Leave vote.”

The title shows you that this article cannot be evergreen. Logic dictates that this article gained a massive spike in traffic on the day of publishing and then reduced traffic over the next week, to the point where traffic has flat-lined.

Why would anyone read this article in 2021?

Topical pieces reach many people; however, the traffic dies when the topic becomes irrelevant.

Example Of Evergreen Content:

Content that can be bookmarked and revisited. These kinds of articles are not charged with the responsibility to create instant traffic or much engagement:

  1. How to boil rice: This article is considered evergreen because there will always be someone who needs to learn how to boil rice; thus, it will get repeat visitors.
  2. How to change a flat tire: The basic way to change a flat tire will remain the same; unless tire technology changes drastically over the next few weeks, this can also be considered an evergreen article.

Characteristics Of An Evergreen Article

Every evergreen article includes elements that make it relevant for longer:


There should always be someone who needs the article. An evergreen piece will be well-written and well-researched.

Straight-Forward Title

The title is the most important part of an article and should describe what the article does.

The headline should indicate that the article is easy to read and will give them exactly what they have searched for.

Offers Solutions

It is known as an evergreen article because of how accessible and purposeful it is; thus, it should offer a solution to your readers’ needs.

Maintains Relevance

Whatever information you offer to readers should be relevant for a long time.

It is impossible to foresee changes in technology or how we do things; however, many people need an education on aspects of modern human life.

There are also tedious tasks that readers return to your article for.

An article on how to unclog a pipe will remain relevant and gain visits every time someone needs to do the deed.

Keeps Readers Hooked

You can write a piece about election results, and readers will scroll through. The reader will look for a slice of news that they came for and leave.

Evergreen pieces function as valuable resources, compelling readers to stick around, ensuring a ‘long-click’.

Pages with more ‘long-click’ visitors tend to perform better on the Google results page, as they are deemed more useful.

List-based articles perform as well because people often have them open as they perform the task. These provide readers with step-by-step solutions on how to do something.

It Prioritizes SEO

As mentioned before, evergreen articles are well-written and resourceful; thus, they are made to be read and to perform better on search engines.

Their straightforward nature makes it easy to implement a keyword strategy and keep an optimized headline.

As they are solution-focused, there are opportunities to place internal links to something else that is relevant.

Why Do You Need Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is of great value to readers; it is content that they look for, as opposed to topical content that is usually recommended.

If your goal is to produce articles that are sought after, you will need to incorporate evergreen content.

Here is what incorporating evergreen content can do for you if you’re a competitive business looking to increase traffic towards your website:

Brings Consistent Organic Traffic

In the pursuit of consistent organic traffic, you will have to keep producing topical articles to maintain said traffic.

It is positive to experience a spike in traffic because of a relevant topical piece; however, that is a one-time gain for your efforts. To gain more out of the high-value content you’re generating; it would be advisable to create content that gets long-clicks and revisits.

Focusing more on creating evergreen content will allow you to evolve your content strategy while also bringing in organic traffic.

Producing a mix of evergreen content and topical content can be a progressive strategy. It is reported that optimizing older content with newer content can boost organic traffic by 113%.

Helps Generate Leads

Evergreen content can be used to facilitate your sales funnel. How?

  1. Litter every phase of the buyers’ journey with evergreen headlines
  2. Produce evergreen content that can resonate with any aspect of your brand
  3. Include consumer FAQs that are timeless and remain relevant
  4. Strategically place CTAs that will redirect consumers towards the next step

71% of responses from a b2b pool claimed that they consulted a blog before buying something.

Helps Readers Find You

Google appreciates longer content and recommends it better.

Resourceful pieces with longer word count tend to make it higher up in Google search results. This helps readers find you better and will make you seem like an authoritative opinion on the matter.


If your requirement is content that amasses backlinks over time, while also maintaining a high rank for significant keywords, and ensuring you steady organic traffic, move towards creating evergreen articles.

Optimize your articles to generate leads and help readers find you better by curating timeless content that is useful to people!

At Pro Content Club, our team of writers can form ideas based on evergreen content and boast the technical know-how to help it rank higher.

We understand what it means to your business to market quality content, drive organic traffic, and generate leads.

To take your content marketing campaign to the next level, get in touch now!

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