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Do you wish to increase traffic on your website while conserving your resources?

Old content represents hours of ideation and writing. It is often thought of as a resource spent, not invested.

If you have always thought that was the case, well, it isn’t too late to capitalize on your returns!

In 2013, Google said that up to 30% of the content on the internet is duplicate content. They also indicated that they were okay with this, and it is only expected.

Why not capitalize on this assessment: dress your old content up as new to drive traffic to your website; or use old content to add value to newer content.

However, you want to do it; we’ve got you covered on the ways to increase traffic to your website by refreshing old content:

What content to refresh

Knowing what content qualifies as ‘refreshable is the first step. There is no use to refresh content bound by time because it has no place in today’s relevance.

Milestone Content

By milestone content, we mean to harken back to published content about an important date or event.

We can use information from older articles and create relevant pieces of content:

  • “The First Google Algorithm Update Vs. The Latest: How Far Have We Come?”
  • “Comparing our review of the first iPhone with the latest.”

Currently Trending

This suggestion sounds a bit like the one for milestone content, but it’s different.

If the theme from an old article seems to be trending again – i.e., someone’s birthday or a release date – optimize it again, re-share it, and take advantage of the internet!

Evergreen Content

Although evergreen content is used to maintain consistent organic traffic to your website, it can also decay due to competing content.

This kind of content is in prime condition to tweak, optimize, and re-share according to your traffic-gaining strategy.

Product Or Software Related Content

Content that revolves around details, specifications, and patch notes is very easy to refresh.

There are many ways to take content about an old release and turn it into content related to changes as opposed to a newer release.

This kind of content often leads readers down a rabbit hole of internal links, gaining traffic for you.

Statistical Content

If you’ve written content outlining statistics for something, chances are, those stats are outdated now.

Take advantage of this, and find a way to gain traffic by updating the information on the post.

If you don’t know how to read on to find out:

How To Win Traffic By Repurposing Old Content

Add to it

Make the post longer in word count; this is the easiest way to make it seem fresher. Making a post longer will give the content more value; however, you should make sure that you’re not sacrificing the article’s overall readability and quality.

Here are some ways to add to your original post:

  • Add new information about the topic, or update it with the latest findings.
  • Optimize the original post according to the updated word count requirement. The average word count of the highest-ranked articles on the SERP is 2416 words.
  • If your post is a curated list of 10 items, turn it into 15.

Mix Two Pieces Together

If you have two similar pieces in theme or topic, it’s a smart idea to merge them. This is different from our last suggestion as there is no reason to develop original ideas here.

Content pruning suggests either removing or repurposing old content to increase traffic. We’re not suggesting you cull old posts that don’t bring traffic. Instead, mix two posts to create relevant content.

Writing content on all your desired keywords will leave you with similar information. Reuse this information and meld two pieces together:

“Apple iPhone 12: Review”

This post can be merged with other posts about previous phones in two ways:

  • Compare: “iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: What’s New? ”
  • Explain: “iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade”

LinkBack And Promote

There are many ways to plug your old content back into circulation.

The entire reason we are talking about refreshing old content is because of our need to pull traffic; here are four ways to do this:


Sift through new content and find opportunities to plug old pieces into it. There are many ways to segue into a recommendation:

  • Keyword: owing to your keyword strategy, you will know exactly which pieces to target. It is usually related articles or relevant streams of thought in unrelated articles that lead to opportune linking chances.
  • Site Search: Search your site for places where you’ve mentioned a certain word without linking it.


There are numerous ways to promote an old piece and make it seem fresh again:

  • Email: For organic content distribution, 9 out of 10 marketers still rely on email. Send old content to your mailing list to increase traffic and interaction with your readers
  • Sponsored Posts: Repost old articles on social media and direct paid views to them
  • External Links: Writing posts for other blogs will allow you to build external links.


At times, all your old articles need is some minor fixing here and there. Google has probably updated its algorithm numerous times since your old posts have been published.

Open up old content and make it adhere to what the algorithm expects:


  • Attach words that your audience will search
  • Optimize your headline to catch more eyes and seem better suited to the content it presents


  • Check for broken or outdated links
  • Plugin helpful, relevant links


Make sure your keywords are optimized:

  • Be wary of keyword stuffing
  • Use keywords according to the latest algorithm updates


Updates in resolution requirements and screen technology will result in your old posts displaying distorted images or broken image links.

Go back to old posts and update images to ensure your old posts look and feel like new posts.

Get More Out Of Your Old Content

Sifting through archives, looking for ‘refreshable content, and thinking about ways to reproduce those sounds like hard labor.

Your goal is to get more traffic, and we understand that. At Pro Content Club, our team of professional content writers knows exactly how to repurpose old content!

If you want to make the most of your spent resources while driving traffic to your website, get in touch today!

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