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The average human being has an attention span of 8 seconds. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to make the best of that time.

E-books are still books. A person is less likely to click on an e-book than they would a YouTube video. A 5-second video can deliver the message an entire ebook does in hundreds of pages.

By the first quarter of 2019, e-book sales had already dropped by 4.5%. As a comparison, in the same quarter, publishers had recorded an increase in their net revenue by 5.7%.

This tells us that people are still reading books, but their interest in e-books – which are considered more cost-effective and convenient – has waned as compared to regular issue paperbacks or hardbacks.

Although nothing promotes an e-book like well-written, high-value content; there is a pressing need for marketers to evolve their strategies when it comes to promoting e-books.

As far as ebooks go, marketers put maximum effort into creating an attractive landing page. However, in this day and age, that is not enough.

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Read on to educate yourself on our eight picks for the most compelling promotion strategies for e-books:

Eight Strategies To Promote Your Ebook

Fragment Your Content

A survey states that from a group of individuals between the ages of 18 and 24, 77% admitted to reaching for their phone at any moment of extended inactivity.

Content on social media platforms has evolved to become bite-sized and easy to consume. This teaches us two things:

  • Being able to post five posts on Instagram from one shoot or six short clips on TikTok from what would’ve been one video on Youtube, marketing has changed massively. More posts always mean more engagement and reach.
  • Appeals to teenagers and young adults with limited attention spans are preferred because they represent the population segment that sees more of the internet.

How To Fragment Your Ebook:

  • Take quotes, stats, hints, or tips, and turn them into infographics.
  • Take the same pieces of information and use them as tweets, posts, or Instagram stories.
  • Make appearances on podcasts, blogs, or YouTube channels that are relevant to your topic.
  • Send excerpts to influencers who are running pages relevant to you or your material.

Give It Away For Free

There is a lot to gain from giving away your E-book. When marketing your e-book, you know not everyone will buy it. Would it hurt to give it away for free to these people?

Giving away your e-book, or parts of it, will allow you to create a name for yourself and build hype where there previously wasn’t any.

A good practice for strengthening your position in the future would be to require people to register with their email addresses to unlock a section or a copy of your e-book.

You can also try to use Amazon’s e-book program called KDP Select. Over ninety days, this program allows you to give your book away for free, five times.

Keeping it for free for a select period can permit you to start a buzz and create sales.

Doing this will give you a wider pool of prospects to target in the future.

Use Other Platforms As Support

The numerous platforms on the internet all allow different methods of presenting something visually.

Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are adequate services to use if you can adapt content from your e-book into a video format.

This can be done by recording an audio narration coupled with attractive imagery linked to your e-book. Another idea is to get an influencer to review the topic of your e-book and record their perception of it.

Posting promotional imagery in unique ways can offer you various avenues to stretch your engagement efforts. These posts can advertise any promotional offers on charges or availability.

Track and Analyze

See where your readers are coming from; those insights will be monumental in your marketing efforts. This will allow you to understand how your customers are reaching you and what they are using to reach you.

Employ the use of (whichever you need):

  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Facebook Insights

Track all the links you share in your attempt to promote your ebook. Doing this will give you information based on where your readers are redirecting from.

Knowing the demographic your readers belong to will allow you to optimize your marketing collateral. You will be in a position to understand them better and to gain their attention better.

It is also important to be well-versed in the types of technology being used to access your e-book, landing page, or website. This will allow you to be precise in the technical aspects of how your promotional material looks to prospects.

There are ebook writing services that can help you with your analytics if the process becomes too complex for you.

Capitalize On Your Platforms

It is necessary to ensure that you make the most of the platforms you already have complete control of.

This includes:

Your Website

Use a ‘Download Now’ call-to-action on pages that you think to require it.  Google Analytics can help you find your pages that perform better than the rest; try using those. Also, try a splash page or a pop-up banner to your website that provides an offering for your ebook.

Your Social Media Pages

Inundate your social media pages with promotional material, but do it smartly; no one likes a spammer. Alongside attractive posts about your ebook, place calls-to-action on your profiles or attractive links to landing pages.

Create Hype And Offer Incentives

We have mentioned the positives of employing influencers and doing a giveaway; however, there are ways to gain more traction while doing the same thing.

A report says that 94.4% of the time users partake in a contest; they will share the promotion on their social media as soon as they are done registering.

Doing a contest for your e-book will give people a reason to engage with your posts and share them. This will lead to a creation of hype around your product, making it more desirable.

Make Use Of Email Marketing

Towards the end of 2019, it has been reported that the number of people actively using their email was around 3.9 billion.

Email marketing is still alive and is also very heavily depended on by marketers all over the world.

If you have a mailing list of prospects, it may be beneficial to notify them of your e-book.

Also, if your website has other offerings, it would be a good idea to sneak in a discount on your new e-book.

In case you need further assistance with how to use your mailing list to market your ebook, check out an ebook writing service for all sorts of solutions.

Go Live

The live video streaming industry has seen a growth of over 99% within a year, since April 2019.

If you go live on a social media platform, specifically Facebook or Instagram, your followers are usually notified.

Conduct a virtual book club with a couple of industry thought-leaders who can all go live for certain reading durations.

Not only does this create a conversation based on your ebook, but it also leads to you being able to tap into a different, vast pool of prospects.


Nothing compares to a well-written e-book that serves the reader’s purpose and serves good value for the time that your readers are investing in your product.

The strategies mentioned above are fairly easy to employ, especially if you have been publishing for a long time.

If you have problems promoting your e-book, you can either hire an ebook writing service or attempt to mix and match and use a couple of these strategies for the finest results!

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