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Everyone loves a good story told interactively. Instead of wooing your audience with a conventional sales copy, use a promotional video that engages them on a much deeper level. Marketers and companies need to ensure their data is as easy to understand as possible—and this is where we come in. At Pro Content Club, we write scripts for radio and TV advertisements, promotional videos, and slide share presentations.

Our team of expert scriptwriters will create the perfect video for you to market your services. Promotional videos will help your company gain access to a larger audience. Contact us today for the best corporate video scriptwriting services!


Engaging Storytelling

A perfect script is made even better with a well-made video. The resources spent on shooting and editing a video are worth it with Pro Content Club’s Video scriptwriting services.

Positive, Lasting Brand Impression

Short videos are powerful branding tools that can build and boost brand loyalty. A unique and well-written script enhances the chances of potential clients remembering you for longer.

Customized Video Scriptwriting Services

Long paragraphs and walls of text can be off-putting for your site’s visitors. Our bespoke video scriptwriting services are designed to breathe new life into your content, just the way you like it.


Professionally Written, Original Voiceover-Ready Video Scripts

Our video scripts are entirely original, and we make sure that they offer accurate and relevant information. This originality and accuracy will help your brand build trust with your audience. We use simple, interactive language and break down industry jargon, so it’s easier for your target market to understand your messaging.

Video scriptwriting is an exact science that involves more than just putting together words that fit a business service or brand concept. The team of talented writers at Pro Content Club is adept at understanding your market to develop the perfect way to disseminate your message. Contact us today to brief our expert video scriptwriters or talk to our customer service representatives, who are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

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Your clients will remember a well-made video since visual communication is one of the most effective ways to conduct digital marketing. However, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute—so what’s unique about your video?
If we have anything to do with it, it’s the script that makes your video special. Our creative team will write an immersive, engaging writing that will keep your audience hooked.

We make our pricing process as streamlined as possible. You can get free quotes for all your content creation needs, including video scriptwriting.
At Pro Content Club, we’ll provide you a price per each video script so that you can be sure of the cost upfront. The following factors affect the price of your video’s script:
• The level of research our team has to conduct
• How long the video will be
• How close the deadline is
• The need for revisions.

The length of your video depends on its purpose. An initial explainer video is typically around 90 to 120 seconds long since it highlights your product or service’s key points. Once you’ve established the most talked-about topics, you can make another video that expands your product’s features.
It’s best to remember that there is no magic number of seconds to make the perfect video. We aim to provide your audience with the information they need and engage them through our scripts.

Yes, we write scripts for videos of all lengths. If the project is longer than the average TV advert or promotional video, we’ll update you on our progress by regularly sending small portions of the script. We’ll incorporate all your feedback so we can adjust our content to your satisfaction.
If you’re looking for professional corporate video scriptwriting services, check our samples out today.

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